Wonder Woman releases final, bullet-blocking poster

It's surprising how laid back the promotion for WONDER WOMAN has been, considering she's one of the tenants of DC's Trinity, and the most prominent female superhero ever (as well as one of the most recognizable, period). Not only that, but the film - while sharing some of the grimdark stink of the previous DCEU efforts - actually looks generally fun and kick-ass (as opposed to JUSTICE LEAGUE, which looked to me like the jokes were added under duress). So the reason for the (relative) lack of promotion is baffling to say the least, though we'll see if it ramps up closer to release.

But for now, Warner Bros. has released a new, pretty slick poster of our favorite warrior princess (sorry Xena). Anyway, without further ado, here's the poster:

I like it! It's dynamic, colorful, and just plain badass. Let's just hope that the movie is more than just looking badass though, which is a genuine fear with these DCEU films. I, however, have hope. And that's what Wonder Woman would want.

Meanwhile, WONDER WOMAN will kick ass her way to theaters June 2nd, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: I actually like Darwyn Cooke's interpretation of Wonder Woman in THE NEW FRONTIER series, where it's show explicitly that Diana is taller than Superman.
Source: Warner Bros.



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