WonderCon Part 2!

So here is Part 2 of what JoBlo saw at WonderCon 2009. I talked about all the smaller films that I saw in Part 1 (click here to read Part 1!) but here are the big ones. And what else could they be besides WATCHMEN and TERMINATOR: SALVATION? I'll start with WATCHMEN since it's opening on Friday (with the brand new trailer from TERMINATOR attached.


We were shown footage from the film, some we've seen before (click HERE to read our wrap up) like the opening scene where the Comedian (Jeffery Dean Morgan) is beaten and killed, and the opening montage that catches newbies up on the alternate eighties universe and the history of the masked vigilantes. (And by the way, that sequence was not one of the problems I had with the film. It is a beautifully done sequence and worth the price of admission.) Then there were two we haven't seen. The first is Dan Dreiberg/Nite Owl II (Patrick Wilson) drinking with Hollis Mason/Nite Owl I (Stephen McHattie) and reminiscing about the old days fighting crime. Amidst unsold copies of his book “Under the Hood”. Hollis regales Dan about his exploits as one of the Minute Men. Hollis says that Dan is a far better Nite Owl than he ever was. As Dan leaves, Hollis asks him if he ever misses crime fighting. Dan says no, but you can tell he's lying.

The next new scene is Rorschach (Jackie Earle Haley) in jail, on line for lunch. He's harassed by another prisoner for being the famous shifty-masked vigilante and attacked. In response, he punches his fist through the glass over the food, grabs a vat of boiling oil and dumps it on the guy's head. As he screams and his face bubbles, Rorschach is dragged away by the guards screaming, “I don't think you understand. I'm not locked in here with you. You're locked in here with me!”

During the panel that followed, we got to hear from director Zack Snyder and the cast about their roles and the infamous scenes that were cut out of the film. Snyder began by reassuring us that there would be no sequel. “That's like having a sequel to 'Moby Dick',” he said. He told us about the original script he got, saying that he had been handed a PG-13 script with Nite Owl killing the bad guy at the end with what he called a “catch-phrase-y line”. He said that the original idea was to have an OCEAN'S ELEVEN-style cast and had been in talks with Tom Cruise, but “But he had VALKYRIE. I didn't know what we were going to do with him”

An audience member dressed as Batman asked about the nipples on the Ozymandias (Matthew Goode) costume. Snyder said they worked on a bunch of different outfits for Ozy, even mentioning the gold leotard and the purple tunic. “And though that is awesome, you have to be a hell of a dude to pull that off...” And while we're on the subject of costumes, Malin Ackerman told us in our video interview that the latex costume was really uncomfortable but that kicking ass in high heels was the worst part of it.

And the cuts...Snyder said, “There is a 3 hr, 30 minute version intercut with THE BLACK FREIGHTER coming out on DVD in September,” and “The thing I had to cut was Hollis's death. And the thing is, depending on how the movie goes, the plan is to do a short theatrical release in July that is the directors cut!” That will be Hollis's death and all the other bits and bobs.” He added that he shot Blake raising the flag on Iwo Jima himself for the montage sequence and Nixon's inauguration and that this would be on the DVD.


And now TERMINATOR: SALVATION. Damn, this film looks good! Again, we saw footage that I reported on a while back, (check it out HERE) like the scene in the water with the hydro bots and the attack at the old 7Eleven. And the new stuff? We got to see the brand new trailer that is launching on Friday with WATCHMEN! And it kicks some serious fucking ass! McG introduced it by gushing all over WATCHMEN and Snyder, and telling us how much he loves his fans. You have to hand it to the guy. He can seriously work a room. He and the cast stood on the table to rile up the crowd and when we were practically salivating, he ran the trailer.

And here's what we saw: An opening shot (set to some pretty rocking, well, rock) of machines and Christian Bale as John Conner (oh, he of the famous rant) shooting the metal heads of some Terminators crushed under a truck. We are told that it's 2018 and that men are outnumbered by machines. We see people in their thousands held prisons and we hear John's voiceover about the resistance. (The film takes place shortly after Judgement Day) He says in his angry voice...um, you may have heard that before...”If you can hear this, you are the Resistance!” We see shots of the brand new motorcycle Terminators (imagine the toys) that we saw in the earlier footage and the giant Harvester, who is collecting human tissue (as Bryce Dallas Howard who plays John Conner's pregnant wife told us, they're ripping it out of the back of people's necks) to create the human style Governator Terminators (T800). '

We hear them say that this is “something we've never seen before” and we meet the mysterious Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington). He is clearly hanging from something and being held prisoner. When John and his wife realize that he doesn't know what he is, the shot pans down and we see that he's hanging from a chain and not human. When he looks down and sees half his body missing and a metal spine and ribs, he screams in horror. (The shot reminded me of the TERMINATOR: SARAH CONNER CHRONICLES poster with half of Summer Glau.) Then we see quick shots of explosions (one on a bridge) and a kiss between John and his wife. Marcus backing into the water (from the hydro bot scene) tells John, “I'm the only hope you have.” It dissolves out to the kick ass poster of a sky shot of the city in the shape of a Terminator face with explosions for eyes. And the crowd went wild! We got to see it twice.

Of course someone had to address the Bale rant. The dance mix was awesome by the way. Have you seen it? The moderator asked McG about it. McG laughed and yelled, ”What don't you fucking understand?” to a round of audience laughter. He actually called Bale on his cell phone and told him that he and 5000 TERMINATOR fans wanted to leave him a message. “I just want you to know how these people feel about Christian Bale being in TERMINATOR. (the audience screamed.) The love is radiating down from San Francisco, but you're fucking dead to me man!” Again, the audience went wild

Everyone was super excited about film, especially McG who said it will “knock your fucking balls up your ass!” If the trailer is anything to go by, I totally agree. Anton Yelchin told us, “I think its fucking awesome. Shit. It blew my mind man. It honors the legacy of the first two movies.” Common added, “Man that shit is incredible...McG, you did some incredible stuff...it ain't just cause I'm in it.”

TERMINATOR: SALVATION hits theaters May 21st 2009.

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