Woo does video games

John Woo hasn't really been able to match the success of his Hong Kong classics (although FACE/OFF was pretty incredible) but he's gone on and involved himself in the creation of a new videogame called STRANGLEHOLD that not only reunites him with his one-time muse Chow Yun Fat, but also acts as a somewhat sequel to the duo's shoot 'em up classic HARDBOILED.

Fat reprises his role as the hard drinking Tequila, and until now, I knew absolutely nothing about this game. The game was released on September 5th for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, and I know we're not a video game site, but this is John Woo everyone, a living legend. The plot involves Tequila fighting not only the Hong Kong Triads, but also the Russian mafia, and the fight takes him all the way to Chicago. The game uses a unique game engine that allows players to destroy almost every object on every level, and is said to emulate the unique physics of gunplay that are unique to John Woo movies. But I'm not a video game expert folks, so head over to EW.com to read a review of the game. This could be worth checking out.

Extra Tidbit: John Woo makes a cameo appearance in this on the first level as a bartender.
Source: EW.com



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