WOO HOO! The Simpsons theme park is coming to Universal Studios

When I was a kid I always wanted to go to Universal Studios. After my favorite Nick shows, it always said "filmed in front of a live studio audience at Universal Studios". Sadly, I never got to be on LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE. I also haven't ridden the JURASSIC PARK ride. I live in Texas. We have Six Flags and a small ass version of Legoland.

The reason I am even talking about all this has to do with the fact that Universal Studios will be opening a theme park for THE SIMPSONS. AWESOME!!! I recently I was thinking that I needed to go back and revisit the show from the beginning. I miss it. Hulu needs to get on obtaining that. Anyway, the video below shows the layout of the park which is very much like downtown Springfield. We finally get to experience what Duff Beer and Krusty Burgers taste like.

Pack up the dysfunctional family because it's opening this Summer.

Extra Tidbit: For Justinvsky1: It's at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. D'oh! Oh, and you're welcome.
Source: Variety



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