Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris gets a poster and a trailer

While many have written off the legendary Woody Allen in recent decades, as an apologist, I feel the man still showcases flashes of brilliance akin to that seen during his very best years. Shit, there's much to enjoy in stuff like MATCH POINT, VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA, and WHATEVER WORKS. So for me, I'm more than glad to see the man continue doing what he loves.

His latest is MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, another romantic comedy primarily focusing on the malaise of upper-middle class folk. Allen's bread and butter, basically. Something about the trailer reminds me of Allen's 1996 film EVERYONE SAYS I LOVE YOU. Can't pinpoint why exactly, but Allenites in the audience might know what I mean.

MIDNIGHT IN PARIS premieres later this year at the Cannes Film Festival and opens in limited release on May 20th.

Synopsis: MIDNIGHT IN PARIS is a romantic comedy that follows a family traveling to the city for business. The party includes a young engaged couple that has their lives transformed throughout the journey. The film celebrates a young man’s great love for Paris, and simultaneously explores the illusion people have that a life different from their own is better.

Extra Tidbit: It's a WEDDING CRASHERS reunion for Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams!
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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