Woody as Murdock?

It's not Woody Allen, Woody Guthrie or Woody Woodpecker but Woody Harrelson that director John Singleton has in mind to star in THE A-TEAM. Singleton told Collider.com that he's got Harrelson in mind to star as Murdock in his adaptation of the classic 80s TV series. Singleton says the rumors you're hearing about his cast aren't true but that "the only person I want right now is...Woody Harrelson to play Murdock – the guy who is crazy but he’s kind of real smart, a jack of all trades." Singleton says he's the actor he "really, really wants" for his movie despite what you may have heard about Ice Cube starring as B.A. Baracus. It's inspired casting considering most studios wouldn't think of Woody Harrelson to lead their big-budget action flick, but it certainly makes sense. Going on to describe what his A-TEAM movie will be like, Singleton says it will be "no nonsense but with a humor, with action. You know what I mean, wall to wall kicking ass and talking shit." Hmmm, sounds like a day in the life of Mike Sampson. Singleton says he hopes to get filming started in the next couple months. For more on A-TEAM from Singleton, click here to read the full interview at Collider.com.

Extra Tidbit: The original Murdock, Dwight Schultz, voices the Green Goblin in the "Spider-Man" animated series.
Source: Collider



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