Words cannot begin to describe the new trailer for Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers

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I don't even know where to start with this latest trailer for Kevin Smith's new film YOGA HOSERS. While the last look we got at the film wasn't all that promising, it takes some real effort to go from bad to worse. 

Well, worse is here. 

I'm not even going to try to describe what it is here that offended my eyes or why this looks like a new low for Smith, which is pretty incredible, since he seems to keep moving that bar downward with each new directorial effort. I'm going to make you watch it for yourself, because if I had to suffer through it, then please join me in a moment of solidarity where we all have to endure it together. 

And hey... maybe this does something for you, in which case... awesome. Good for you. I'm glad this is for someone other than Smith's family and friends. But the rest of us will be over here wondering how we got to this moment where YOGA HOSERS is something he's going out of his way to make these days. 

Smith will be touring YOGA HOSERS around the country throughout June and July, with a wide release currently set for July 29

Source: Smodcast



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