Would Joe Johnston be up for directing Star Wars: Episode VII?

Probably by the end of next week, we will have an opinion on who should helm STAR WARS: EPISODE VII from every director in Hollywood. One director I haven't heard anyone suggest is Joe Johnston, which is a surprise since the guy did work for George Lucas for awhile. He was also responsible for creating Boba Fett's costume.

Johnston said this about the design in "Star Wars: The Annotated Screenplays":

"I painted Boba's outfit and tried to make it look like it was made of different pieces of armor. It was a symmetrical design, but I painted it in such a way that it looked like he had scavenged parts and had done some personalizing of his costume; he had little trophies hanging from his belt, and he had little braids of hair, almost like a collection of scalps."

Johnston's start as concept artist and effects technician on the first STAR WARS film, as well as his directing career thus far should at least get his name thrown into the pool, right? But would he consider it?

Huffington Post asked Johnston the question and he answered, "A lot would depend on what 'it' is. I am very glad to see Lucasfilm cranking up to get productive again, regardless of who ends up doing it."

So you're saying there's a chance...

Regardless of his previous work with Lucas, I don't think he's the right fit for the project. I've enjoyed his films, but I think EPISODE VII needs a fresh director or at least someone a little more ambitious.

Source: HuffPoSfGate



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