Would you support or fight having Django Unchained re-rated to the level of NC-17?

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Let me start off by saying that this is far from a reality, and considering that the film is already out and extraordinarily popular I sincerely doubt much (if anything) will come of the petition at hand.

With that being said, The Christian Film and Television Commission has raised a hue and cry to have DJANGO UNCHAINED given a new rating of NC-17 instead of the R rating it already bears. Here's their complete statement on the matter, with a bit more discussion to follow post-quotation:

"In light of the recent shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut where 20 first-graders and 6 staff members lost their lives, we are calling on the MPAA to give DJANGO UNCHAINED an NC-17 rating.

DJANGO UNCHAINED is the most violent movie of the year and is full of  brutality, graphic violence, and crude language.  The violence is extremely grotesque including blood spurting like lava from gunshots, a man hung upside down, several people shot point blank, and a slave is eaten by dogs.  The extreme violence and bloodshed is no surprise coming from director Quentin Tarantino who also directed extremely violent movies KILL BILL VOL. 1, PULP FICTION, and INGLORIOUS BASTARDS. 

Because of the recent school shooting in Connecticut, even the star of the Movie Actor Jamie Foxx realized the connection between movie violence and violence in the real world.  'We cannot turn our back and say that violence in films or anything that we do doesn’t have a sort of influence,' Foxx said. 'It does.'  By rating the film NC-17 this will ensure that no one under the age of 17 will be admitted to see the film.  Currently the film is rated R which means young children will be able to watch DJANGO UNCHAINED when accompanied by a parent."

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I'm not one to make fun of what other people sincerely believe, especially when in their eyes it's a question of the safety and sanctity of a soul.  I may disagree, though that's hardly grounds for blind dismissal.  But, I do find it curious that this organization's concern is particularly the young children who may be able to see DJANGO UNCHAINED with parental permission.  And how that same concern doesn't seem to extend to the same parents who would be bringing them to see the film, because... why? Are they already a lost cause? Somebody help me out here.

If you do feel so inclined, you can click right here to be taken on over to the formal petition page.  If you want to set up a counter petition and/or send in your own complaint about their complaint, no forum is seemingly provided for that but I'm sure you could find your own way well enough.

What do you think about the NC-17 rating in general, and what does it say (if anything) about our culture that so few cinemas will agree to show a film with that rating considering the reduced revenue? What do you think about re-rating films after release? And perhaps most importantly of all (in polite language), what do you think about this petition's point? Does it have a point? Strike back below and let us know!

Extra Tidbit: Under the "victories" tab on the website, you can find how Texas refused to allow MACHETE to make use of taxpayer money for its budget after The Christian Film and Television Commission complained. "Hundreds of emails flooded the film commission’s office and journalists picked up on the story of how Texas citizens were unwittingly funding a movie with not only a Communist message, but also a violent racist message as well." Uhm... Communist?



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