Writer Chris Claremont talks The Wolverine and X-Men: Days of Future Past

You may or may not know this, but writer Chris Claremont is responsible for the original work behind THE WOLVERINE and X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. Why no one has really spoken to him extensively about both of the projects is sort of a puzzle to me, but Comicbookresources.com finally decided to get some input from the writer.

First, Claremont discusses THE WOLVERINE, and how the script possibly morphed after Darren Aronofsky dropped the project for other commitments:

"Well, the sad reality of Hollywood, especially as it relates to comic books, is that there is never a direct adaptation of source material. I think "Watchmen" was maybe the only time that that was tried. "The Wolverine" was a project that the producer, Lauren Shuler Donner, has wanted to do ever since I've known her, which is going on better than fifteen years, now. She's loved the story that Frank Miller and I did and has wanted to bring it to the screen. In the story's original incarnation, in Christopher McQuarrie's original screenplay, that was what it was and it was really cool. I mean, I read it; it was good. This is when Darren Aronofsky was going to direct, and then, after last year's Oscars, he decided he had other things that were more pressing and withdrew from the project. The new director came in wanting to bring his own writing crew on the project, wanting to express his own vision, and it has, as I understand, morphed somewhat considerably from the original story. I believe there's a photograph, for example, of Hugh Jackman with the bone claws. Which -- that's really cool, it looks great, but that's not in my story. So I would assume it has morphed considerably. We'll find out this summer."

Should that make me terrified of what THE WOLVERINE might be now? Fox does tend to muck shit up. Then again, it would be nice to see that trailer.

Then Claremont gets into X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST territory. The first thing he mentions is the rumor about the inclusion of Apocalypse:

There was a report online that Bryan Singer was talking about integrating Apocalypse into the "Days of Future Past" storyline, which would obviously be a significant evolution from the original material. Again, this is the nature of Hollywood, or as it seems to approach Marvel product. There is a tremendous amount of synergy between existing concepts and the finished film product.

He continues:

I was instrumental in getting Fox to produce the concept in the first place. I mean, the whole thing was ready to go into turnaround back in 1998-99. I had the serendipity or the karma to write a memo that convinced both Lauren and Fox and Bryan that this was a viable project, and this is how to approach it. I guess you could say my contributions came in a basic level, back in the beginning. You know, I have the pride of looking in the mirror and saying, "None of this would be there if not for me" on a whole different bunch of levels. If Fox wants to utilize my ability, they know where I am. All they have to do is call -- that's their decision.

I didn't know that Claremont had such a part in getting DAYS OF FUTURE PAST going. Good for him, I say. The story is exceptional, and though it might be a challenge, I am happy with how confident he is. As he said, we'll just have to wait for the final outcome.

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