Writer/director David Eggers says there's no Witch sequel in his future

Last we heard, THE WITCH writer/director David Eggers was busy at work on his medieval knight epic (aptly titled THE KNIGHT) with a possible Rasputin mini-series in the works. Given the trend of turning popular, low-budget horror flicks into franchises, many were left wondering if THE WITCH would see a sequel or two down the road. Fortunately for us, it looks like Eggers has no plans to sully his work. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, he opened up on why he won't do another WITCH film, along with some words on his upcoming picture, THE KNIGHT.

David Eggers on why he won't make a sequel to THE WITCH:

I think I’m stealing the words from another director I cannot place, but if I wanted to know what happens after the last shot of the film, I would have made a longer movie.

Regarding his upcoming film THE KNIGHT:

I’ve been working on this medieval knight thing for over a year now. It’s one thing to know how to build a goat shed. Building a castle? There’s a lot more parts for me to understand.

There's a lot of elements in THE WITCH that were expertly juggled by Eggers in order for it to become that film that it is. While I'm glad Eggers has no plans to revisit that particular story, I'm hoping that also means the studio won't scoop someone else up to try and continue it. If the critical success of films like THE WITCH and DEADPOOL are telling Hollywood anything, hopefully it's that they should take risks and try new things. That, or just have more T&A. One of those two.

THE WITCH is now in theaters.



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