Writers: Impossible 4

Heeeeeeere's Tommy!

Tom Cruise would surely like to have his career booming again, so news come with little surprise that things are moving forward on a fourth MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE film.

Cruise's producing partner on the project, one JJ Abrams, will take a cue from his successful Star Trek reboot by fishing collaborators right into the JJ-TV pool, with former Alias co-executive producers Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec having gotten the call to write the next entry.

Choice might prove to generate strong reactions either way from fans of the franchise; Nemec & Applebaum's latest ventures on TV, October Road and the U.S. revamp to Life on Mars, both received vile criticism and quick cancellation. Although both also have their share of passionate fans (So sue me - Odette Yustman starred in one and appeared in the other). No word yet on Abrams being involved any further on the film, but the guy will need a truckload of Red Bull if he is to direct, with everything he has a hand in...

Extra Tidbit: What do Life on Mars and the TWILIGHT saga have in common? Rachelle Lefevre got sacked from both...
Source: Variety



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