WWE Studios is keeping The Marine franchise going with a fifth movie

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Did you know there are four MARINE movies? Yeah, the WWE Studios series of films that started back in 2006 has managed to register four different installments over the years. Granted, they haven't received a theatrical release since the first one starred John Cena, but they must be making money throughout the process. As a result, they're going to keep rolling them out. Case in point... they're making another one. 

That's right... THE MARINE 5... or, as it will be called, THE MARINE: BATTLEGROUND... is heading into production after the Memorial Day Weekend, with WWE Superstar The Miz toplining for the third time in the franchise, having taking the reins in 2013 on THE MARINE 3: HOMEFRONT. This time, having shifted into life as an EMT, The Miz's Jake Carter finds himself defending and protecting an injured man from a biker gang who has the wounded guy in their sights for one reason or another. Look for Carter to then use his Marine training to do what is necessary in order to also do what is right.

This time, WWE Studios and partner Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions is including a handful of fellow Superstars to join in on the action, though in what capacity hasn't been revealed just yet. The Miz's wife and current corner presence Maryse Ouellet will appear, as well as all of the Social Outcasts (Bo Dallas, Heath Slater and Curtis Axel) and Naomi. If you're a wrestling fan, you'll get a kick out of some of this. If not, well... have yourself a nice holiday weekend. 


Source: WWE Studios



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