WWII zombies?

Just when I think that the zombie genre has completely played itself out, a movie comes along, finds success and we're right back to more zombies. With the success of this October's ZOMBIELAND, producers are once again looking to get into the living dead. Gil Adler (SUPERMAN RETURNS, CONSTANTINE) has optioned the rights to the comic book "Night and Fog" that he hopes to turn into the next hit zombie flick.

I haven't read the book (frankly I wasn't even all that aware of it before today...) but it appears to have nothing to do with the classic 1955 French documentary of hte same name. This version apparently takes place in WWII when a mysterious fog unfurls on a military base and transforms the inhabitants into zombies. Doing a little more research than what was laid out in Variety's article, it's more of a monster movie than a zombie movie as the old Hammer movies were apparently a big inspiration. That sounds a lot better than misty zombies...

Extra Tidbit: "Night and Fog" is available for viewing on your iPhone.
Source: Variety



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