Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday will hunt more outlaws in Wild Guns

One of them's your huckleberry, and the other's got hell comin' with him.

While we're not exactly getting a TOMBSTONE sequel, the Western genre is still tall in the saddle (let's all forget JONAH HEX, yeah?). And now real legends Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday will get together on screen again for more ficitonal Old West action in a new tale called WILD GUNS.

Warner Bros. and 300 producer Gary Nunnari have a script from T.S. Nowlin that's described as being in the vein of TOMBSTONE and SHERLOCK HOLMES, so obviously the emphasis will be on their quippy relationship and more big adventure than true grit.

The story will find the renowned lawman and his gunslinging chum as they team up "to rescue the daughter of Sitting Bull, who has been kidnapped by a powerful Shaman with mysterious powers who is terrorizing the Western plains."

Nowlin also penned a Christopher Columbus movie that McG (??) plans to direct.

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