X-Files 2 soon?

Much like Tom Arnold used to constantly talk about how TRUE LIES 2 was going to start shooting "soon", David Duchovny shows up every couple of months and offers an "update" on the long-discussed second X-FILES feature film. Which is sort of odd, considering how keen he once was to leave the character behind.

In an interview for his new DVD release THE TV SET (an amusing "inside" movie from the guy who made ZERO EFFECT), Duchovny says of X-FILES 2: "The script is written and as far as I know we're all trying to shoot in December at some point." This is a similar claim to what he's been saying for a few years now, but the truth is out there. Somewhere. Hey, as long as it keeps Duchovny from entertaining the idea of an EVOLUTION sequel.

But with all the similar supernatural and sci-fi shows and movies that have filled the vacuum since X-FILES vacated the TV airwaves, what can another X-FILES movie really offer at this point beside the two lead characters with a few additional years of mileage on them? Who knows for sure -- series creator Chris Carter was apparently abducted by aliens since the show's final idiotic episode. Or maybe he's been busy surfing on piles of money.
Extra Tidbit: Duchovny supposedly tested for the caped crusader in BATMAN & ROBIN but was told his nose was too big for the mask.
Source: Movieweb



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