X-Files 2 talk

For some reason I thought David Duchovny would make a successful transition from TV to feature films, but aside from a wry turn in ZOOLANDER, it's basically been snake eyes thus far. So it's both depressing and amusing that he's the first to discuss a return to the role he previously seemed very interested in leaving behind, FBI spook hunter Fox Mulder on THE X-FILES.

Duchovny recently told IESB that everyone (not including replacement agent Robert Patrick, apparently) is in "final negotiations" for a second X-FILES movie -- you may recall an ongoing dispute regarding the distribution of finances among the principals. He also claimed that despite not currently having a completed script, the new movie will eschew alien conspiracies and be a straight supernatural thriller, and could start shooting in 2008. If they also can somehow erase the last 3 or 4 tragic seasons of the series from my memory, I might actually be interested. Mulder's sister was turned to starlight by the "walk-ins"? What's that bullshit?

The former extraterrestrial-fighter will next be seen in the satirical comedy THE TV SET from filmmaker Jake Kasdan (director of the underappreciated ZERO EFFECT, and son of the guy who co-wrote EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and RAIDERS).
Extra Tidbit: The actor was referenced in a 1998 song by pop singer Bree Sharp, who proclaimed "David Duchovny/I want you to love me/To kiss and to hug me/Debrief and debug me." Ah, sweet unhealthy obsessions.
Source: IESB



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