X-Files 3 to DVD?

OK, so THE X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE was a bust. Just an all around bummer. But would you be interested in a third X-FILES movie? Heck, I wasn't even that interested in a second X-FILES movie but I'd at least like them to try and fix what they wronged with this summer's installment. Dread Central is reporting that a third X-FILES movie is in the works but instead of getting lost in the wake of THE DARK KNIGHT it would go direct-to-DVD. Now when I was on the X-FILES 2 set, all parties involved seemed very interested in making more X-FILES movies. That said, I think all parties involved really thought they were making a good movie that would be very successful. Now I can't imagine Fox giving Chris Carter and crew the same budget to make a direct-to-DVD movie. It was an interesting experiment but it didn't work out and let's let David Duchovny go back to "Californication" and Gillian Anderson can do "Masterpiece Theater" and we'll go watch "The Host" on the Season 2 DVD. For more on the scoop, head to Dread Central.

Extra Tidbit: The big secret we weren't allowed to spill from the X-FILES 2 set was that Mulder had a beard. A beard!!
Source: Dread Central



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