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The X-MEN 2 rumor du jour has it that a new Kitty Pryde has been cast for the sequel.  The character (also known as Shadowcat in the comics) had a small role in the original film, as played by Sumela Kay.  But word is spreading quickly that actress Katie Stuart will now play Kitty in X2.  No official word yet and no reason given as to why Sumela wasn't rehired.  It is unclear, at least to me who hasn't read the script, exactly how large the role of Kitty will be in the second film.

In other X2 news, a very short teaser trailer will be attached to prints of MINORITY REPORT, which opens on June 21st.  Expect to see no action and just some text, a voice-over and a graphic that morphs into the new logo.  Also running with MINORITY will be the DAREDEVIL trailer which WILL feature a lot of action edited together at a brisk pace.

Finally, there seems to be some confusing about Kelly Hu's role in the film.  It was originally reported that she would play Anne Reynolds, assistant to lead villain Stryker.  But she's apparently talked to E! Online and revealed her character was Lady Deathstrike.  ?!?!  The two characters have nothing in common, at least in the comics, and possibly she got confused with the Deathstrike and Stryker.  Or perhaps they have fused two characters to create a more formidable villain.  It should be noted that Lady Deathstrike had a pivotal role in Wolverine's past, which we do know will be investigated in this film.  One of those things that make you go hmm...

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