X-Men: First Class scribe set to pen screenplay for Red Sonja

Thanks to the success of WONDER WOMAN, it seems that the time is right to get the ball rolling on RED SONJA once again. Millennium Media announced the project last year, saying that "the audience has spoken, they want female heroes." It's the hope of Millennium that RED SONJA will kick off a new franchise for the studio and Deadline reports that they've tapped Ashley Edward Miller to write the screenplay.

Known for his work on Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Fringe, Ashley Edward Miller has also lent his talents to X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, THOR, and also wrote the remake of BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA which is to star Dwayne Johnson. Miller seems to be looking forward to the project, saying, "It’s an exciting opportunity to faithfully adapt the amazing Hyborean world Robert E. Howard created, and inject it with Sonja’s intelligence, ferocity, and fearless humanity. I want people to love Sonja the way I love her, and walk out of the theater understanding why she’s so popular and enduring. Sonja is an icon." Known as the "She-Devil with a Sword," Red Sonja is the greatest swords-woman of the Hyborean Age and more than a match for any man in combat, which would be a necessity given her impractically skimpy armor.

The character was first brought to life on the big-screen in 1985 by Brigitte Nielsen in RED SONJA, which also starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, and studios have been attempting to get another film off the ground for some time. Robert Rodriguez developed a remake which would have starred Rose McGowan, but that project ultimately didn't move forward. Rumblings of a new RED SONJA film began once again when Jason Momoa's CONAN THE BARBARIAN was in the works, with Simon West set to direct and Amber Heard emerging as the favourite for the role, but thanks to the failure of CONAN, the RED SONJA project disappeared.

What are your hopes from a RED SONJA film?

Source: Deadline



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