Xmas Carol Trailer

CAROL poster

There's been so many adaptations of Dickens' A Christmas Carol that any new take on the story really has to offer something completely kick-ass or out of the box to make it interesting. Robert Zemeckis has Jim Carrey's motion capture in 3D. *cough*

Just in time to celebrate the few months that remain before Christmas time, Yahoo Movies posted a new HD theatrical trailer for the CG film which contains aside from Carrey the voices of Gary Oldman, Callum Blue (Mason!!!) Robin Wright Penn, Bob Hoskins and Michael J. Fox. I have to give it to Bob, those are great casting choices. Especially Fox - always good to see him (or hear...) back in action.

The film opens in wide release November 6th. Sounds a little strange to open a month and a half before Christmas, but I guess they just want to profit from an initial release AND gloat of a business increase when kids are out of school. Not that I'll bring my kids to see that, they probably still hate me for having them watch POLAR EXPRESS.

The new trailer is right down there, or in HD RIGHT HERE.

Extra Tidbit: The Muppets' take on that story is one of the few Christmas movies I can bare to watch.
Source: Yahoo Movies



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