Y: The Last Man adaptation at FX gains traction, gets showrunner

Whenever I think of being the last man on Earth after a plague wiped out every other dude, it's not nearly as fun, nuanced, or affecting as Bryan Vaughn's popular comic book series Y: THE LAST MAN tackling the same subject is (usually it's just gross). And, for some reason, Hollywood has been having a really hard time getting an adaptation on the ground, keeping it seemingly stuck in eternal development hell. Many attempts came close though, including one involving Shia LaBeouf playing main character Yorick.

However, it looks like the tides are turning! FX has picked up the rights to make a TV show out of the comic series, and Michael Green - who's currently co-showrunning STARZ's awesome looking AMERICAN GODS adaptation - is going to be running Y: THE LAST MAN solo.

I'd say this is awesome news! AMERICAN GODS looks f*cking great, and Green's also been involved as a writer on many hit shows like HEROES (which was good at one point) and KINGS (which is so underrated, you guys), as well as a slew of film credits (including the upcoming LOGAN and BLADE RUNNER sequel starring Ryan Gosling). Not only that, but the comic series itself is very cinematic, and it will be interesting to see how the TV show turns out. Will it be FX's WALKING DEAD?

So, any fans of the comic? And, if so, who do you guys think should play Yorick? 



Extra Tidbit: D.J Caruso (who had directed LaBeouf in both DISTURBIA and EAGLE EYE) was at one time eyed to direct the LaBeouf iteration of Y: THE LAST MAN as a feature film.
Source: THR



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