Y: The Last Man writers set to pen Ghost Recon adaptation

When I first saw the headlines for this piece of news, I laughed. Y: THE LAST MAN scribes? Really? So they've finally gotten a move on that. Not to mention that I can't judge what GHOST RECON will be like based on a movie that has yet to come out. I would have loved to see a Y: THE LAST MAN movie like 3 years ago. Okay, I'd still like to see one but I think that with the material that the movie adaptation would already be on the fast track. End rant.

As you can already tell, the guys who are finishing up on the Y: THE LAST MAN script, Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia have now been hired to write Tom Clancy's GHOST RECON adaptation. Michael Bay is on as producer and could still possibly direct.

The game story centers on, "a fictional unit of the U.S. Army Special Forces that essentially operates as the President’s private army, using the latest technology to infiltrate and take down threats around the world without leaving any traces behind that they exist."

Ever since Warner Bros. got Bay on they were in a race to find a writer due to the fact that the director isn't committed to any projects after TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION.

Just give me Y: THE LAST MAN already.

Source: Variety



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