Yeah, they're still going to make that Monopoly movie

Even after a highly questionable $200-plus million investment in a BATTLESHIP movie and the recent speedbump for the CLUE and OUIJA movies, Hollywood still has a big stiff Jenga for the board game aisle at the toy store.

Everything from RISK to CANDYLAND to the whole damn HASBRO FACTORY are in feature development, but the one with the high profile (and monocle) is MONOPOLY, which Ridley Scott mystifyingly wants to make some time between/after returning to his own ALIEN and BLADE RUNNER universes.

Despite not passing GO yet, the MONOPOLY project is still puttering along in its little silver car (or thimble, depending on your preference), now grabbing writers Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski to bring the world of money and plastic hotels to life. The pair has respectable movies like ED WOOD, THE PEOPLE VS.LARRY FLYNT and 1408 to their credit.

At this point, the project doesn't have a studio -- Scott and Hasbro are footing the development bill, presumably with colorful cash.

Extra Tidbit: Previously, the MONOPOLY movie was planned as some awful-sounding ALICE IN WONDERLAND sort of thing in which a "loveable loser" wakes up in the world of the board game and has to battle the evil Parker Brothers.
Source: Heat Vision



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