Yellow Sub confirmed!

We've had a lot of Disney news in the last hour, and it hasn't ended yet. The House of Mouse has confirmed another project and I know you all are dying to see it, Robert Zemeckis's YELLOW SUBMARINE in 3D.

The movie will all be done in motion capture that Zemeckis has used in films like BEOWULF, THE POLAR EXPRESS, and the upcoming A CHRISTMAS CAROL. EXPRESS was okay enough, but the look of the characters in these movies is creepy and awkward.

SUBMARINE will feature the original 16 songs, which include: "All Together Now", "All You Need is Love", "Eleanor Rigby", "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds", and "With a Little Help from My Friends". D23 Expo chairman, Dick Cook said this on the announcement, “This is truly an inspired collaboration, and a wonderful opportunity to revisit one of the most imaginative and memorable musical fantasies of all time. To be working with the amazing folks at Apple Corps, and to have Bob helming the sub is truly as good as it gets. With all those incredible Beatles songs and imagery, the spectacular vision of Bob and his pioneering team at ImageMovers Digital, and a classic adventure full of wit and action, we’re sure that moviegoers are going to have a great time on this latest trip to Pepperland.” I want to see some sort of trailer before I judge this.

The movie was already classic and trippy in it's regular form, but Bob thinks it will be something special, "'Yellow Submarine’ is one of the greatest fantasy films of all time, and making this new 3D performance capture movie is a dream come true for me. With the latest advances in technology, we will be able to take moviegoers on a voyage unlike any other, and bring new excitement and dimension to Pepperland and the various sea worlds they encounter. I’m thrilled to be working with the good folks at Apple Corps and our partners at Disney on this epic retelling of one of my all time favorite films.”

I just wish Zemeckis would bring back TALES FROM THE CRYPT...but not in 3D or motion capture.

Extra Tidbit: I was being sarcastic about you guys dying to see The Beatles re-imagining. The majority of you would rather be impaled than see a motion capture of this.
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