Yes Virginia, Optimus Prime does have wings in Transformers 3

The internet was slightly abuzz yesterday afternoon when toy concepts for the new Transformers line based off DARK OF THE MOON popped up online showing a new look for Optimus Prime - namely, wings. This sparked a lot of "Can Optimus now fly?!" questions around the web and the answer is a big yes. Not because I have any major kind of intel but because he was flying at the end of TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN.

Now I realize TRANSFORMERS 2 was a terrible film that most people try to forget but if you can recall the ending of the film (spoiler alert?) Optimus received the wings of Jetfire, who died fighting Scorponok, so that he may fly to the Harvester and defeat The Fallen (that was one of the weirdest sentences I ever typed). So it should be no surprise that Optimus is still sporting said wings in DARK OF THE MOON.

If you needed some more evidence, you need not look further than the new Super Bowl spot, which shows Optimus using his wings. During the big city battle, Optimus swoops in from above, his wings dispatch from his back (very similar to how his trailer would mysteriously disappear in the cartoon) and he starts carving bitches up like Thanksgiving turkeys. Take a look at the still below and you can watch the video below for a good luck at Optimus in flight.

Source: io9



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