Yesterday it was Captain America, now take a look at Thor!

The first images of CAPTAIN AMERICA's costume leaked online yesterday and now today, we have a similar look at THOR. While we've already seen Chris Hemsworth in costume, it wasn't a particularly good look at what he was wearing. And we also didn't get a good look at Mjolner, which we can see now in all it's glowing blue glory.

Don't pay too much attention to the Photoshopped head of Chris Hemsworth - it's not so much here about how Hemsworth looks in the costume as it is about the costume itself. It's fairly faithful to the costume from the comics, though with an updated look. It's interesting that we can clearly see the blue in the chestplate in this art but in the original photo, it almost seemed gray. Not sure if that changed or it was just the lighting in the production still.

Collider has the exclusive look at the two shots so head over here to check them out in hi-res. What do you think? I'm not blown away by Mjolner but this is just a drawing. I'm sure it'll look much cooler in action with all the benefits of CGI.

Extra Tidbit: I have a feeling this isn't the last of the costume art that will be leaking online...
Source: Collider



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