You demanded it, now it's here: Deep Blue Sea 2 on its way!

DEEP BLUE SEA isn't a great movie. The effects are dated, the story is kind of stupid, and the action mediocre. But it does have one of the best deaths in movie history, which I think really elevates it. It's at least what I remember about it. That and the end credits rap song (a cinematic staple I kind of miss).

Anyway, the sequel will be hitting SyFy (from the channel that brought you SHARKNADO and GHOST SHARK, so you know it's going to be good), directed by Darin Scott (one of the HOUSE PARTY sequels) and AQUAMAN's Michael Beach. Not only that, but Moviehole got an exclusive scoop about the plot synopsis, so let's take a look:

Dr Klaus Van Etten is experimenting on bull sharks, much to the chagrin of Misty and her team of marine experts. The sharks get out, of course, and all hell breaks loose.

If you're confused as to who is Dr. Van Etten and who Misty are, don't fret. That's all the info we have to go on so far. Hopefully they go with the original sequel pitch, where the sharks had guns and missiles attached to them. That's of course really stupid, but that's my kind of stupid.

So what do you guys think? You down for more DEEP BLUE SEA? Either way, sound off below!

Extra Tidbit: 10-year old Damion thought DEEP BLUE SEA was better than JAWS simply because of CGI. 10-year old Damion was an idiot.
Source: Moviehole



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