You shouldn't mess with James Caan in new trailer for The Good Neighbor

james caan, the good neighbor,

There are certain individuals I wouldn't advise others to go out of their way to mess with, given what we know of them and what we've seen them portray on-screen. Jason Statham would probably be one. James Caan would certainly be another. The actor may be 76 years old, but I imagine he's still spry... and he'd teach you respect with the quickness if you decided to test him. 

So leave it to a couple of fools who think it's a bright idea to try messing with Caan in the trailer for the new film THE GOOD NEIGHBOR, which premiered earlier this year at SXSW (it was then known as THE WAITING). Thinking they're going to secretly record this old recluse in their neighborhood and get some laughs at his expense as they set up his house to seem like it's haunted, they realize soon enough that they're in over their heads. And why? Because you don't screw with James Caan

This looks like a promising thriller, and having Caan involved certainly doesn't hurt. 

THE GOOD NEIGHBOR is scheduled for release on September 16.


Extra Tidbit: James Caan was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards for his work in THE GODFATHER.



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