You want underwhelming? These new Spider-Man posters have got you covered

ASM banner logo

It's been made pretty clear time and time again that THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN is trying to do everything it possibly can to separate itself from Raimi's Trilogy, which hopefully the explanation for the poster below that puts the Spidey's mechanical web-shooters front and center. Either that or other posters are going to drop soon with other bits of Spidey's body in mid-swing, and we'll be able to piece them all together into one giant picture of Spider-Man swinging over New York. 

But that would still be going with the same theme that has run through just about all of the posters we've seen thus far for this movie, so it really wouldn't be that great. 

Amazing Spider-Man poster 11

Question: do you think that the giant Spider-Man logo made by the city that's been present in many of the posters (see above and below) serves any purpose in the actual movie, or is purely for advertising?

Amazing Spider-Man poster 10

I've said before that I'm excited for this movie, but I'm also starting to be afraid that THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN is going to shoot itself in the foot by trying too hard to be different (read the spoilery revelation of the biggest change being made here).  Being different isn't bad in and of itself, but when that's all you're about a lot can be sacrificed in the process. I've heard this concern observed by plenty of comic book and movie fans alike, and after months I'm finally beginning to agree with them.  I'm trying not to, I really am, but it's becoming increasingly difficult.

Either way, the truth will be revealed July 3rd.

Extra Tidbit: Any other angle of Spider-Man brooding/swinging/standing over NYC that you're dying to see still? I almost wish there was an XXX parody of this movie just so we could get a poster that's all crotch shot set against the city.
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