You will need clean underwear after watching the new international Prometheus trailer

I am absolutely stunned by the new international trailer for PROMETHEUS. I tried to think of some witty way of starting this article but all that came out of my brain were garbled noises and a desire to rewatch this trailer again. So, go ahead and check it out while I gather my thoughts.

Now, take a minute and compose yourself and let us discuss what we just saw. Ready? Okay.

What we have now is a clearer look at the scope of PROMETHEUS. We finally get to hear Charlize Theron. Her line "My name is Meredith Vickers, and it's my job to see you do yours" is ice cold. Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender continue to look awesome in this movie. The glimpses of what could be beta versions of the Xenomorphs as well as hazy footage of the Space Jockey moving around cemented this as my firm number one must see for this summer.

Ridley Scott looks poised to not just return to the science fiction genre but possibly add another triumph right next to his own ALIEN.

The trailers and marketing done to date for PROMETHEUS should go down as the exact way you launch your movie to the world. Disney should hire the team behind this campaign for all future non-Pixar advertising that they do.

PROMETHEUS opens in 39 days (June 8th).

Source: YouTube



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