Young Justice to be a live-action teen drama show on CW?

Let's approach this one with the ol' rumor stick, but it's definitely worth investigating.

Bleeding Cool is reporting that DC Entertainment is developing a live-action series based on Cartoon Network's animated series, Young Justice, which features Superboy, Robin, Miss Martian, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Artemis, Zatanna, Speedy, and Rocket (amongst a host of rotating characters), all of which have some tie to a "grown-up" counterpart (i.e. Batman, Green Arrow, Flash, etc.). Both Superboy and Miss Martian are said to be "the leads of The Team."

Here's the lowdown:

"Bleeding Cool has been led to believe by a recently-reliable source that the CW is developing another live action teen drama/romance series with a superhero twist, based on the Young Justice cartoon, games and comics, being prepped for 2015."

If true, this feels like a bit of overkill, no? With DC trying to gain a foothold in the feature film market with MAN OF STEEL and BATMAN VS SUPERMAN, why are they spending so much time playing on the small screen, particularly when they continue to swear that the characters WON'T transition to the big screen? With Arrow already playing exceptionally and the plan to bring The Flash into the mix with his own show (as well as the recently announced Hourman) it feels like a bit much. On the other hand, perhaps DC is just trying to establish dominance in at least one market, even if it's TV. Only men in suits have the answer.

We'll watch this one closely...


Source: Bleeding Cool



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