Your eyes might start leaking at the new trailer for The Little Prince

the little prince, netflix

THE LITTLE PRINCE was supposed to be released earlier this year by Paramount Pictures. And then days before its March 18 street date, the studio pulled the film without explanation... and THE LITTLE PRINCE was left in limbo. Netflix stepped in and picked up the U.S. distribution rights for the film, and now it looks like we're on the doorstep of seeing this well-regarded animated feature.

Today, Netflix announced an August 5 release date that will see THE LITTLE PRINCE premiering on Netflix, but also opening in select theaters around the country... and from the look at the new trailer they've cut for the film, a theatrical experience might benefit your viewing of the movie. That is, unless you prefer to be in the comfort of your home when THE LITTLE PRINCE turns you into a snotty, teary-eyed mess. Oh yeah... that's probably going to be a part of the deal. 

You think I'm joking... Take a look at the next minute and 52 seconds down below and see how hard you have to fight back getting a little misty in the eyes area. Your loss, Paramount, has turned out to be Netflix's gain.

Source: Netflix



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