Your review: Bruno

The new JoBlo Strike Backs have launched and what better way to give them a test run that with some user reviews?! As I'm sure you know, BRUNO opens today in theaters and the film has already generated plenty of controversy. As our own Jenna Busch put it, "Unless you are really, really, really, really difficult to offend, you will be upset by something in this film." It is to note that Jenna actually loved the film and "laughed until it hurt."

With a film that could divide audiences into people who get the joke and people who don't, it's a perfect time to open up the Strike Backs and allow people to share their thoughts on the film. Please stay away from any major spoilers and remember that flaming will get you banned. Let's keep this civil people.

And I leave you with a look back at Bruno from the old "Ali G Show" where Bruno heads to Alabama and tortures the locals. Booing and middle fingers ensue (as you might imagine).

Source: JoBlo.com



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