Your thoughts: T4!

We've run two reviews from TERMINATOR SALVATION on the JoBlo Network this week and you couldn't get two different reviews. JimmyO said in his review, "And the problem is, much of what Salvation brings to the forefront has very little to offer for the storyline as a whole. Over half of these characters you could’ve gotten rid of...If you go in hoping for another great Terminator film, you are going to be disappointed." Yet Arrow reviewed the film and called it, "entertaining, eye popping and mind blowing!"

We've been covering TERMINATOR SALVATION almost non-stop going all the way back to our coverage at Comic-Con. Since then we've showed off an exclusive HD clip from the film, eight additional clips and, today, an interview with TERMINATOR star Common.

So after all of that, where do you think you'll stand? Disappointed like JimmyO? In love like Arrow? Or somewhere in between? As we often like to do, we'll leave this article and its strikebacks open all weekend so you can post your reviews below.

In closing I leave you with this College Humor video, which begins to explain why Terminators are always transported butt naked...

Source: JoBlo.com



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