Zac and Rock on Quest?

I'm not a JONNY QUEST fan like I am about some superheroes and TRANSFORMERS or whatever. It's one of the very few cartoons I just never got myself into. So I can't speak to whether this is good casting or not but IESB.net is reporting that Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron are in talks to star in a live-action JONNY QUEST movie for Warner Bros. They caught up with the former Rock while he was out promoting RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN and they asked about his involvement playing Jonny's bodyguard Race Bannon. Johnson said, "There's no one else who can be Race Bannon than me. There's no one else." The controversy seems to be that the cartoon Jonny was 12-years-old and casting Efron would imply that they're bumping up the age of the character. Andy Fickman, who directed Johnson in WITCH MOUNTAIN, is in line to direct based on a script by Dan Mazeau. The project is far from getting a greenlight (you can thank SPEED RACER for that) but should Johnson and Efron come aboard, it would be a big step in that direction. So to the QUEST fans out there, what do you think of these actors starring in a JONNY QUEST movie? What do you think about Jonny being bumped up to his late teens? You can read more from Johnson on the movie here at IESB.

Extra Tidbit: Supposedly the script for the film is not tongue-in-cheek or campy on any level.
Source: IESB



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