Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson's rebooted Baywatch film will be "badass"

My knowledge of Baywatch falls somewhere between nadda and ziltch; sure, I know of Pamela Anderson, David Hasselhoff, and running down the beach in slow-motion, but that's where it ends. So when Zac Efron appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers and made the claim that his upcoming BAYWATCH reboot with Dwayne Johnson will be "badass," I wasn't really sure what to think. Was the show not badass? Seeing as David Hasselhoff was involved...I have a hard time believing that.

We want to make it badass, that's what Dwayne (Johnson) wants, he's so cool, he's like the coolest dude in the world. I'm gonna have to keep up with that guy!

The BAYWATCH reboot apparently won't be much like the show on which it's based, but Efron said "we want to keep the integrity" of the show while also breaking new ground, and "I think we're finding that combo." That news probably won't be of any comfort to Pamela Anderson, who played lifeguard C.J. Parker in the TV series, as she made known her feelings towards the reboot clear by saying "no one appreciates the remakes." If Efron and Johnson are able to take the show and give it the 21 JUMP STREET treatment, who knows, it might end up being "badass" after all.

The story centers on a by-the-book and very serious lifeguard (Johnson) who is forced to team up with a young rule-flouting hothead (Efron) in order to save their beach from environmental destruction at the hands of an oil tycoon.

BAYWATCH will be directed by Seth Gordon and should kick off production in February of 2016.



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