Zac Efron & Dwayne Johnson go undercover in new Baywatch trailer

BAYWATCH is becoming the movie that’s quickly making me judge my own sanity. The analytical side of my brain says I should hate it and want it vanquished from the earth, while the other side is screaming, “Explosions! Beach balls! Cleavage! I need to go to there!!”  I have no idea how to feel about myself, and this new trailer is not helping matters. Take a look below!

In terms of the trailer there's a few more humorous scenes featuring hot-people shenanigans, as well as some more details about the plot, I guess. It looks like it could be good for a few yucks. With comedy, like horror, I always leave the door open for something unexpected. With those two genres the trailers have a tendency to look terrible while the finished film is rather great. So, with BAYWATCH, I feel like I should leave an open mind and just enjoy the lunacy. It seems like the cast is, which can make up for a lot. Just please don’t make it me regret, Dwayne Johnson.

BAYWATCH opens May 26.

Source: Paramount



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