Zac Efron to play a college Donnie Brasco in Narc for Fox

The last time we saw Zac Efron he was doing curious and unsightly things to Nicole Kidman in THE PAPERBOY. Well, unless you caught a viewing of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL over the weekend.

Personally, I like Efron. Not because he's dreamy (shut it, I don't judge you), but he's actually a decent actor and not a bad guy. You might consider 17 AGAIN a mundane film, however that was the first time I saw something more in him than he was being given credit for. I'm not the only one who feels this way either. Maybe you noticed it in ME & ORSON WELLES. If you still aren't impressed, perhaps he will shine more in NARC.

The true crime project will star Efron as, "an all-American college student who was a big man on campus. He was the president of his fraternity and captain of his lacrosse team but got busted by local police when he was caught with some cocaine he was going to distribute at a party. The police offered him a deal in which he would not be arrested if he became an undercover informant. The student then ended up living a secret double life while in college, wearing wiretaps and eventually putting away big-time criminals."

The flick is being described as a "college Donnie Brasco". It's being said that Fox is using a scribe from their writing program to pen the script.

Source: Deadline
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