Update: Zack Snyder is NOT developing a stand-alone Star Wars movie inspired by Seven Samurai

Update: Thanks for the blue balls, Internet! Zack Snyder himself has 100% denied he has any STAR WARS films in any state of development. Boo.

Looks like we are finally getting some solid news related to the upcoming STAR WARS movies and this one is a doozy. Vulture is reporting that Zack Snyder will be jumping from the Superman mythology right into STAR WARS. His new film will likely not be STAR WARS: EPISODE VII but rather a stand-alone epic that will be directly inspired by Akira Kurosawa's SEVEN SAMURAI.

That's right, a Jedi version of the classic film that tells the tale of a small agrarian town in seventeenth-century Japan that’s routinely pillaged by bandits. Fed up with the annual shakedown, its farmers retain the services of seven masterless samurai to defend their harvest.

SEVEN SAMURAI is one of George Lucas' favorite movies and fits right in with the mentality of the Jedi order. The report states that this movie will be developed concurrently with the new trilogy but likely not be one of the numbered episodes. There is no set date for when we can expect this STAR WARS movie, but it is expected to begin production after STAR WARS: EPISODE VII begins filming. This could mean that we will be getting Skywalker-centric films released with the stand alone adventures in between, similarly to the Marvel model.

Whether you like Snyder or hate him, you have to admit that this is intriguing news. Snyder is not known for family friendly films, so this could be the first dark, more adult take on the STAR WARS universe. What do you fans think of the news?

User your imagination and picture the 300 battle scenes if they existed in a STAR WARS universe.

Extra Tidbit: This news comes on the same day that it was revealed that SEVEN SAMURAI star Toshiro Mifune was originally offered both the roles of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader in the original STAR WARS movie. Imagine if Luke's father had been Japanese!
Source: Vulture



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