Zack Snyder makes some comments about Superman and Amanda Seyfried mentions an audition

We got a "scoop" (notice the sarcastic quotes) from Jake Hamilton of Jake's Takes that you might want to examine.

During a press junket for SUCKER PUNCH, Hamilton sits down with director Snyder to talk SUPERMAN. Of course like most curious movie fans, Hamilton wonders if there is something new that Snyder could tell him. The director mentions that there will be a character in the film that is also called Superman.

In an email to us, Hamilton says, "I got a small little piece of info from Zack Snyder about Superman which, I think, may point to the fact that we may see Bizzaro in the flick." But why would Snyder introduce Bizarro right off the bat? Obviously Snyder is just joking. He says exactly this, "There could be a character in the movie that other people might refer to as Superman. So that's something. Snyder then goes on to say it's not exactly an exclusive. Derp. Snyder's scoop was basically, "Yes, Superman's going to be in the movie. Isn't that awesome?" Smart ass. Give me something. Anything.

But it made me wonder, would it be a good idea to ever introduce the Bizarro storyline to the big screen?

In real news, Amanda Seyfried told Bleeding Cool that she auditioned for a part in Superman and also wanted a role in SUCKER PUNCH, "I auditioned for a role in the new Superman and didn’t get it, and I really wanted Emily Browning’s role in Sucker Punch. I’d originally got that role and everything was in gear, but then I got the call from Big Love saying “we need you this season, you can’t do it. The director, Zack Snyder, fought for me, and I even called the head of HBO because I thought I wasn’t being used in Big Love in a way that was worth me losing out on Sucker Punch. At the time it didn’t seem like there was anything better. Big Love wouldn’t let me go so I cried a lot."

Watch the interview below if you'd like. To skip right to it, the Snyder stuff starts at 2:57.

Extra Tidbit: Anytime I hear the word "bizarro", I also think about SEALAB 2021.



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