Zack Snyder's next is...

I kinda thought that the whole GOLDEN COMPASS debacle would put an end to the needless "children's fantasy epics adapted into big-budget movies" trend that was going on in Hollywood. I mean COMPASS pretty much shut an entire movie studio down. But the trend hasn't slowed and has, in fact, sucked in another filmmaker. Zack Snyder (300, WATCHMEN) has signed on to direct GUARDIANS OF GA'HOOLE, an animated film based on the children's book series by Kathryn Lasky. Considering the series spans fourteen installments, it's hard to boil down the plot but Variety says the film will follow Barn Owls from "The Forest of Tyto" who "live in peace until their kingdom is threatened by an evil." Commence snoooooze. I'll give Snyder a pass because he's been amazing to fanboys so far. And really if there's anyone out there I believe could make something like this work, it's Snyder. Production on the film has been put on the fast track by Warner Bros. and GA'HOOLE is expected to be ready for 2010.

Extra Tidbit: Am I the only one that's sick of this genre?
Source: Variety



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