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Here's a couple of cool ZOMBIELAND items to sink our teeth into over the weekend as the countdown to the October 2nd release closes in.

First comes one of the really fun marketing ploys I've seen in a while, courtesy of the folks from Cinemablend: Stars Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg answering mail fan in full character dress-up and attitude. It gives a great sneak peek at the movie's humorous tone, and one more chance to get Woody unleashed!

One of seven Zombieland mail bag videos is right down there, with the rest OVER HERE.

Also, an in-depth early review of the film was posted on JoBlo's Movie Fan Central by the film-muncher known as drc5145 who sports a very cool Rorschach pic on his profile - I approve wholeheartedly!

Although he expresses a couple of beefs with the film, drc calls it a really fun as hell movie and says horror fans will get a decent enough amount of gore.  "A great ride that is definitely one to be seen with a crowd or a group of friends," he writes.  "The crowd inside my theater dug the film, laughing and gasping at plenty of moments together. It was a fun time at the cinema and I encourage others to give this one a shot." Head on OVER HERE to read the full review. Might be a tad be spoilerish, so be advised.

Extra Tidbit: I'd love to see JoBlo do that on the movie show - answer mail on video... We should have him do marital advice! "Just say she's right and you'll get laid, dude!". That'd be fun!
Source: Cinemablend



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