Zombies Ate My Neighbors will be gnawing on your brains in theaters

Because zombies are just so fetch right now, yet another project about them has been greenlighted. But unlike SHAUN OF THE DEAD or ZOMBIELAND, this horror-comedy actually has source material.

Yes, that's right, someone is making a game based on ZOMBIES ATE MY NEIGHBORS, the SNES game from the '90s. Here's the logline:

"It happened one typical night in suburbia; two best friends amongst a sea of teenage angst, battle for safety against the mysterious uprising of neighborhood zombies."

Great, because what Hollywood is really missing is more teenage angst. You might remember that ZOMBIES ATE MY NEIGHBORS was one of the first video games to really cause controversy with its violent content. By today's standards it might be laughable, but the minimal blood in the game had to be turned purple, and Nintendo had to change the name to "Zombies" for release in a few countries.

Do you really want another zombie comedy, or are you tired of the concept at this point? I would be all for ZOMBIELAND 2, but not so much this project, which seems like a half-assed knockoff based on a video game with no actual plot.

Here's a reminder of what that looked like:

Extra Tidbit: At least it's not vampires?
Source: FirstShowing



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