Zooey Deschanel heads to TV with Chicks and Dicks pilot for Fox

I didn't think Zooey Deschanel would be the latest film star to jump ship to TV, but I guess she got lonely and wanted to hang out with her sister Emily on Fox.

The bright eyed star was said to be considering a role on The Office (that certainly would have spiced things up), but instead decided to go with a pilot on the News Corp network. It's called Chicks and Dicks (for the moment), a comedy said to be about the "sexual politics of men and women."

Deschanel would play a woman named Jessica who moves out of her ex's place after a break-up and into an apartment with three juvenile guys. No word on the casting of the three males, but surely they'll include a recognizable face or two. I pray to god this isn't a three-cam, laugh track sitcom, but based on the fact that this isn't CBS, I would hope that would be the case.

Zooey has YOUR HIGHNESS coming out this year, and she really blew up after 500 DAYS OF SUMMER, so I'm not sure I quite understand the transition to this kind of role. Perhaps no one ever truly recovers from THE HAPPENING.

Regardless, I'll be curious to see her in action on this show. I'm assuming they're going to change that title.

One more for daydreaming purposes:

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite film-to-TV actor transition? Olyphant seems to be doing pretty well on Justified at the moment.
Source: Deadline



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