Zoolander 2 set to begin filming in Rome this Spring

With the additions of Penelope Cruz and Christine Taylor to the cast of ZOOLANDER 2, it became a question of when, rather than if the movie would start filming. Now, it looks like the sequel to the sleeper hit will begin production in a matter of months.

Italian journalist Andrea Bedeschi tweeted the news that ZOOLANDER 2 would be filming at Cinecitta Studios in Rome over the course of twelve weeks this Spring. While that is not an official press release, it does match with Ben Stiller's rough synopsis that the movie would be set in Europe.

ZOOLANDER 2 will see the reunion of Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson who have shared the screen numerous times since the original ZOOLANDER hit screens in movies like THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS, NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM, STARSKY AND HUTCH, and more. We have also heard that Will Ferrell will reprise his role as villain Mugatu but beyond that, the sky is the limit.

The first ZOOLANDER is a movie that grows on me the more times I watch it and I hope this sequel packs a bit more of a punch than DUMB AND DUMBER TO did. Seeing as Ben Stiller's comedic output has been fairly hit or miss in recent years, I hope that means he has been saving the jokes for this movie.

Source: Twitter



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