Zoolander 2 updates

I just sat through an hour of a talk show because they flirted with the idea that Eminem might drag his now sober and boring ass up on stage and perform at the end. It was as excruciating as I thought it might be but on the bright side I did get to catch a couple of details that Ben Stiller dropped about ZOOLANDER 2. The host (Jonathan Ross; hate that guy; hot and somewhat talented wife though) applied some pressure to Stiller in regards the possible sequel, and Stiller said that they had been working on it, and that they had gone through a couple of drafts of the script.

His comment as to the plot of the film was:

"Derek gets hired to be a personal model for an Arab Sheikh and he finds out models are being turned into oil [or something]"

My question would have been, how are there plans for two FOCKER sequels and a NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM sequel and not a ZOOLANDER one? Do you hate your fans? Incredible.
Extra Tidbit: Stiller also commented that he was still circling a musical about life in the theater with music by Elton John.
Source: JoBlo.com



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