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T'was the week before Christmas, / And for Awfully Good Movies, / JoBlo will make you suffer / Through THE SANTA CLAUSE 3.

The first CLAUSE was classic, / The second CLAUSE was fun, / But this third CLAUSE will make you / Want to shoot yourself with a gun.

This time, Scott Calvin's sick of being Santa. / To his pregnant Mrs. Claus, he will not hearken. / And worse, her in-laws are visiting the North Pole. / And even worse, one of them is Alan Arkin.

So enter Martin Short as Jack Frost / Who lures poor Santa into a trick / To travel in time and take his job. / Why? Because he's a cold-hearted dick.

And between the dumb slapstick / And the lazy and predictable screenplay, / This movie is a lot like fruitcake-- / Even eggnog won't wash its' bad taste away.

But that won't stop Jesse Shade / From having fun with it regardless, / Because he's far better at riffing bad movies / Than he is at writing rhymes. (...wait.)

So whether it's Hannakuh, Kwanzaa or Christmas / JoBlo.com wishes you a Happy Holiday, / And that you keep watching Awfully Good Movies, / Because if you don't, my bosses won't pay.

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