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Sunday Lovers
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Directed by: Bryan Forbes Edouard Molinaro Dino Risi Gene Wilder

Cast: Roger Moore Lino Ventura Ugo Tognazzi Gene Wilder

Studio: MGM

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Official Site: N/A

Release Date: 1981-02-13 (wide)


Comprised of 4 different sex comedy stories, SUNDAY LOVERS stars everyone from Roger "James Bond" Moore to Gene Wilder and Lynn Redgrave. Stories included are: "An Englishman's Home," where Moore plays the chauffeur who plays pretend while the Lord of the manor is away, picking up a woman for a raunchy weekend. "The French Method" focuses on a French businessman trying to make a deal with an American and attempting to seduce the man's secretary at the same time. "Skippy" has Wilder as a mental patient in a Los Angeles institute who is given a weekend pass and falls in love with a woman at a nightclub. "Armando's Notebook" follows a man who is given free reign of his home while his wife is away and after finding his old Little Black Book, decides to call up all his old lovers, to disastrous results.

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