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She's Gotta Have It
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Directed by: Spike Lee

Cast: Tracy Johns Tommy Hicks John Terrell Spike Lee

Studio: Island Pictures

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Official Site: N/A

Release Date: 1986-08-08 (wide)


A window into the life and loves of a young black woman in Brooklyn. Nola Darling is dating three very different men simultaneously: Jamie Overstreet -- a controlling, protective, patriarchal type; Greer Childs -- a wealthy, vain, arrogant male model; and Mars Blackmon -- a comical, juvenile, immature jokester. Nola has gone beyond even a love "triangle" and the stability of this love "square" is threatened by the increasing jealousy among her three suitors. Finally, under pressure, Nola makes her "choice," but in the end, is this what she really wants?

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